Mar 14 2016

BUCS season update

Sorry for the absence (had a few technical difficulties), but here’s and update of what’s been going on this term.

M1’s have finished there season and are sitting pretty in the middle of league 1A, with a few teams yet to complete their matches we are unsure of the final outcome.

M2’s have had an excellent season and will finish solidly in their league, with one match left to play.

W1’s are undefeated in league 1A this season, and have play-offs for the Premier league after Easter, so fingers crossed, but whatever the outcome, we are incredibly happy!

W2’s are also undefeated in their debut year, and will be entering league 2 next year, so a massive well done to the whole team!

Nov 09 2015

Slightly late BUCS round up – 04/11/15

Women’s 1’s continue a perfect season with a 6-2 win v UCLAN away.

Women’s 2’s also fail to disappoint with a 5-3 win v Sunderland away.

Men’s 1’s travelled all the way to Bangor to pull off a draw – a great result!

Whilst Men’s 2’s had a slight miss-communication with Sheffield and turned up in Sheffield for there to be no team to play against – still waiting for a final verdict on that one!

Oct 31 2015

Newcastle M2’s v Manc Met M3’s

The Mens 2’s ventured down to the mystical land of Manchester yesterday to take on the Met’s 3’s to the soundtrack of a monotonous beeping from the accompanying fencers next door. This message however seemed to have failed to make its way to the bus driver, who appeared to have mistaken us for his ‘brothels and backstreets’ guided tour he was so keen to take us on, much to the dismay of the satnav who was reminiscent of a parrot in an A-level maths class; “re-calculating… re-calculating…”

However, thanks to Jeremy’s “it’s literally just over that road there” we finally made it, and began our ass-whooping of the Mancunian poly. Billy and Jamie opened the singles, both bringing home our first wins. Billy fought hard under pressure to take both ends (22-20, 23-21) against the finest singles payer their team had to offer. Jamie followed this up with a fairly comprehensive (21-14, 21-11) win over his opponent. The standard set by the King of Cumbria clearly implanted a pressure simply too high for the Prince, as Tom and Michael suffered an extremely frustrating (20-22, 20-22) loss to their first doubles pair. After leading for the majority of both ends, the smug look upon Jamie’s face became too much in the closing moments of the game. All was not lost for NUBC’s doubles though as Stephen and Jeremy dominated their game (21-14, 21-7) to leave Newcastle 3-1 up at half time.

After delving into the 37th tube of medieval shuttles (which appeared to have been made out of papyrus and marshmallows, but “At eight quid a tube how can you not buy them?!”, logic I am still yet to quite comprehend) we began the second round of games. Jamie gave us all a lesson in consistency after winning his second singles game (21-14, 21-11) as if he had pre-meditated the outcome in the changing room. Stephen and Jeremy followed this up with an exceptional (21-6, 21-7) win over the Met’s 1st doubles pairing, a game that clearly sent the pair into shock as Stephen proceeded to have a 78-minute shower and Jeremy got ratted on whiskey in the shit-but-not-quite-so-shit-as-the-other-one pub post-match. Tom and Michael’s second doubles was equally frustrating after suffering a (19-21, 21-23) loss. They appeared to take the loss well, although recent reports suggest Tom has in fact packed his bags and emigrated to Ukraine, leaving a trail of marshmallow shuttlecocks in his wake (but that’s none of my business). Billy (or ‘The Duracell Bunny’ as their coach referred to him) battled through his singles to secure a three-end victory (21-7, 19-21, 21-12) after 17 hours of gameplay, to leave Newcastle with a 6-2 win over Manchester.

An overall successful day for the Mens 2’s, with Jeremy taking home man-of-the-match, and the football team taking home the award for ‘Most Piss-Stops Needed’ on the way back. Good job lads.

Oct 31 2015

Newcastle W1’s v Northumbria W1’s

So this week it was an important match for the NUBC ladies, it was time to face our poly rivals Northumbria. For those of you who aren’t aware, for match report purposes and self satisfaction we shall use the term ‘S*umbria’. This academic year we said goodbye to a dear friend of ours, Poly Robson. Her game play and poly-passion shall be missed, along with her statement panda hat. But don’t sweat, she still came to spectate on her day-visit from the local nursing home, cheers pol.

First up was our Bradders to play Newcastle first singles vs S*umbria second singles. Anna put up a great(ish) fight, gaining 13 points in the first end and 16 in the second, but unfortunately S*umbria’s singles player had fitness beyond belief (Anna did not), putting NUBC 1-0 down at the first hurdle.

Next up was newbie Anubhi to play Newcastle second singles vs S*umbria first singles. Anubhi played to the max, moving around the court wonderfully and getting back some tricky shots from her S*umbrian opponent. Anubhi took the first end 21-10 and the second 21-14, great work fresher.

Time for some doubles, with Beth and Cara playing Newcastle first doubles vs S*umbria second doubles. S*umbria have a rather well established pairing system year on year, they struggle to coordinate with more than one human at a time so doubles play’s to their strengths. Beth and Cara, who shall now be referred to as Bara after the recent split of Bawn, had a tricky first end but came out on top winning 22-20. The second set was also a tense game, but Bara fought hard winning 21-19, good start Bara.

Next up were Katie and Claudia to play Newcastle second doubles vs S*umbria second doubles. Our pair played well, but didn’t quite take the first end with a 17-21 loss. They came back fighting to take the second end 21-17, but just missed out on the last set with a 19-21 loss. Unlucky guys, we understand you just wanted to give the poly some hope in their foam fruit and rubber duck lives.

Back to the singles with our Bradders playing Newcastle first singles vs S*umbria first singles. After a brief encounter in Throwback the previous Saturday, Anna was pretty confident seeing as her opponent found it challenging to take a wee-wee after a few too many lucozades. Our Bradders took the first set with a convincing 21-14, great work. The second set proved rather challenging, enough so that Bradders decided she wanted a new racket, so broke hers on her meaty shin. There’s a way to hint what you want for Christmas, but try and be a bit more subtle next time Bradders. Using a stranger’s racket Anna still rose victorious winning 21-19, unlucky S*umbria, maybe wear a nappy next time.

The last singles of the day was newbie Anubhi to play Newcastle second singles vs S*umbira second singles. Anubhi started strong winning the first set 21-19, but the poly bit back taking the second set 19-21. Anubhi kept her cool and turned it around to win a fantastic 21-11 in the final end, looks like our fresher is learning the tricks to the poly-bashing trade well.

Back to some doubles with Bara playing Newcastle first doubles vs S*umbria first doubles. They took the first end nicely with a 21-15 win, but were just defeated in the second 19-21. Bara had a team talk, consisting of s*it loads of durham-scouse motivation (yes that is a thing) and a splash of Scottish fire, and came back to take the third end 21-19. GET IN THERE.

The final match of the day was Claudia and Katie to play Newcastle second doubles vs S*umbria second doubles. Another strong start as Katie dropped with more skill than a fresher in sinners, taking the first end 21-16. But the poly came back to take the second end 16-21, how annoying. Clearly one broken racket wasn’t enough for our gals, with Katie deciding she wanted a new one as well so broke hers on her equally meaty shin. We fought hard in the final few shots but were just behind the poly losing 18-21, a tough but convincing three end game for the first-time pair.

So after an intense day of badders, Newcastle were victorious with a fantastic 5-3 win!!!!! A great result for our yet-defeated Womens First Team, things are looking good for this season. We said our goodbye’s to Poly as she was wheeled away with a tear in her cloudy eyes, I’m sure it won’t be the last we see of our S*umbrian friend.

Oct 25 2015

BUCS Round Up – 21/10/15

BUCS round up:
M1s vs Manchester 1s away 2-6 loss
M2s vs Hull 2s away 6-2 win
W1s vs Leeds Beckett 1s 5-3 win
W2s vs Teeside 1s 8-0 win

Nine point Wednesday for NUBC, a great start to the season so far for the club – spirits are high and fingers are crossed that this week is just as fab!

Oct 18 2015

BUCS Wednesday Round Up – 14/10/15

M1s lost to a strong Leeds 1s side 7-1 in some very competitive games

W1s secured an 8-0 win vs Leeds 2s at home, starting as we mean to go on

M2s nailed a 7-1 win vs Teeside at home (despite the opposition being misplaced for a while)

W2s make their BUCS debut with an amazing 6-2 win vs York 2s away

9 points for team Newcastle! ?

Oct 18 2015

Newcastle M2’s v Teeside M1’s

 7-1 Win. Man of the Match – James Dunlop.
Our men’s second team got the season off to a flier by thumping Teesside’s 1st (and presumably only) team 7-1. Teesside were involved in mind games early on, tactically rocking up 40 minutes late accompanied by a muttered apology noting the staggering distance at which they’d had to park their vehicle from the sports centre. Now, according to google, a 40 minute walk to an average person would be approximately 2 miles. If anybody can come up with a theory as to why a team would have to abandon ship (or minibus) 2 miles before their BUCS fixture’s destination then please speak out now as it is beyond me. It could perhaps be the exact same reason that they go to Teesside uni, but I won’t delve any further into that.

As for the match itself, we played the usual brand of badminton, hitting shuttlecocks here, there and absolutely everywhere. James Dunlop played his first singles matches since Gordon Brown was prime minister and pulled out two impressive wins. The first (21-9, 21-2) demonstrated the consistency of one of the club’s longest serving players, and the second (21-13, 21-23, 21-18) showed us all why he earned the moniker of ‘The Jarrow Jackhammer’ last season – pulling out an impressive three-set win in the face of adversity, a dodgy ticker and extremely lubricative perspiration.
Elsewhere, Billy Chui impressed in singles on debut with his ability to stay calm in pressure situations, picking up one of his games 21-5, 21-6 and losing a tight game against Teesside’s strongest player 22-20, 21-16. All four doubles were fairly comprehensive, with the Teesside players clearly drained from the expedition of getting from their van/bus/whatever to the sports hall. Josh and Jeremy continued to impress as a pairing, displaying techniques of communication to rival those of Alexander Graham Bell. They romped their games 21-10, 21-7 and 21-14, 24-22, whilst Lawrence did an excellent job of carrying the team’s hapless captain through their games 21-13, 21-15 and 21-15-21-12.
Overall a very good day for the 2nds, and I’m sure the 40 minute treck back to the Tee-mobile was a very miserable one indeed. Well done to everyone that played and let’s see more of the same next week. In a final note, I must say this is the first BUCS game I have ever played in where naughty and rude words were absent, so this sportsmanship should be commemorated by the exact opposite on the Sam Jacks board text board later on.

Oct 18 2015

Newcastle W2’s v York W2’s

This week our brand new ladies’ second team travelled to the University of York for their very first BUCS match. Confidence was high after our massive win against Northumbria 2nds at the weekend and we were ready to go!

We all started our games at the same time, shouting encouragement to each other between points. On court 1 was Laura playing NUBC first singles vs. York second singles. Laura started the match slow, with the score being tight throughout the game, but she kept her head up and stayed strong winning both ends 22-20 and 21-17. Meanwhile, Maria was playing against York’s number one lady. She fought hard winning the first end 21-12, unfortunately her opponent came back fighting and took the second end 21-15. With some great movement and long rallies, Maria absolutely smashed her 21-4 in the third end!

Our first doubles pair, Katie and Flora, kicked off their match with a comfortable win against York’s second pair. They won the match in two ends with scores of 21-9 and 21-10, great start lasses! Emma and Izzy’s debut didn’t go as smoothly as they lost 21-12 in the first end against a strong York first pair. However, that wasn’t going to get them down and in the second end they performed some cracking shots and won 21-13. Unfortunately, after a few dodgy line calls, York took the third end 22-20. An amazing effort from the girls!

After the first round of games, NUBC were up 3-1 and raring to go. Next up was Laura playing against York’s first singles. Laura took the first end easily with a score of 21-5; the girl was clearly struggling after her long three setter with our Maria. In the second end she put up more of a fight but it wasn’t enough as Laura took it 21-15. The mighty Maria stepped onto court next to play York’s second singles. She was undoubtedly fired up after her first round win and played some great badminton to win the match 21-17, 21-19.

Going into the last two doubles matches, NUBC were 5-1 up with a guaranteed win! Katie and Flora stepped onto court against York’s first doubles pair. The game was tight from the start with York winning the first end 21-15. But our girls fought back in the second end and took it 21-19. Unfortunately, their opponents were too strong and with a few naughty shots to Katie’s face, won the third end 21-18. Emma and Izzy were next up with their match against York’s second pair. Our girls refused to be put off by their opponent’s intense side stepping and ninja-like stances and won the match 21-11, 21-16. Great job girls!

Overall, our first day out was a BIG SUCCESS with a 6-2 win over a decent York 2nd team. A massive well done to everyone that played, you did NUBC proud. My woman of the match was definitely Maria for smashing it in her singles games. Special mention to Emma for violating several gingerbread men on the train journey home (see below).

Aug 16 2015

Summary of last season

Last season was a successful one for NUBC. Our Men’s 1st team managed to gain a promotion back into the Northern 1A division after having a near perfect season, helping us to tick off one of our main goals for the season – so well done chaps!

Our Ladies’ 1st team also had a wonderful season, maintaining their place at third in BUCS division 1A and reaching the quarter final of the cup! A fantastic result, if I do say so myself. The ladies also achieved a promotion in the local league into the premiership division and are very excited to be able to compete at such a level.

The Men’s second team will remain in the Northern 3B BUCS division, but are hopeful that a good season this year will allow them to progress up the BUCS ladder and into the next division – so fingers crossed for the boys!

And finally, we are now delighted to be able to introduce our brand new, shiny Women’s Second Team! Since this is their first season, they will begin in the Northern 3B BUCS division, but we have high hopes and wish them the best of luck for the upcoming season.

So in conclusion, a fabulous season for Newcastle University Badminton Team and we hope to continue this into next year.

Feb 19 2015

NUBC Ladies into Cup Quarter Finals!

Manchester 1sts 4-4 NUBC Ladies

*NUBC win on points 357-263!!!

So this week was the next BUCS cup match for the NUBC ladies, tense times! After last weeks win against Lancaster the team were in high spirits for their game this week against Manchester. Captain Tash provided on-route grapes once again following their previous success, their high water content for hydration and antioxidants for eye health are obviously a winning formula! (Yes I did Google ‘why are grapes good for you’). During the journey discussion, it soon came to light that Dawn didn’t know the difference between a goat and a sheep…so Maria and Anna gave some wise words of wisdom to point our fresher in the right direction.

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