Oct 31 2015

Newcastle W1’s v Northumbria W1’s

So this week it was an important match for the NUBC ladies, it was time to face our poly rivals Northumbria. For those of you who aren’t aware, for match report purposes and self satisfaction we shall use the term ‘S*umbria’. This academic year we said goodbye to a dear friend of ours, Poly Robson. Her game play and poly-passion shall be missed, along with her statement panda hat. But don’t sweat, she still came to spectate on her day-visit from the local nursing home, cheers pol.

First up was our Bradders to play Newcastle first singles vs S*umbria second singles. Anna put up a great(ish) fight, gaining 13 points in the first end and 16 in the second, but unfortunately S*umbria’s singles player had fitness beyond belief (Anna did not), putting NUBC 1-0 down at the first hurdle.

Next up was newbie Anubhi to play Newcastle second singles vs S*umbria first singles. Anubhi played to the max, moving around the court wonderfully and getting back some tricky shots from her S*umbrian opponent. Anubhi took the first end 21-10 and the second 21-14, great work fresher.

Time for some doubles, with Beth and Cara playing Newcastle first doubles vs S*umbria second doubles. S*umbria have a rather well established pairing system year on year, they struggle to coordinate with more than one human at a time so doubles play’s to their strengths. Beth and Cara, who shall now be referred to as Bara after the recent split of Bawn, had a tricky first end but came out on top winning 22-20. The second set was also a tense game, but Bara fought hard winning 21-19, good start Bara.

Next up were Katie and Claudia to play Newcastle second doubles vs S*umbria second doubles. Our pair played well, but didn’t quite take the first end with a 17-21 loss. They came back fighting to take the second end 21-17, but just missed out on the last set with a 19-21 loss. Unlucky guys, we understand you just wanted to give the poly some hope in their foam fruit and rubber duck lives.

Back to the singles with our Bradders playing Newcastle first singles vs S*umbria first singles. After a brief encounter in Throwback the previous Saturday, Anna was pretty confident seeing as her opponent found it challenging to take a wee-wee after a few too many lucozades. Our Bradders took the first set with a convincing 21-14, great work. The second set proved rather challenging, enough so that Bradders decided she wanted a new racket, so broke hers on her meaty shin. There’s a way to hint what you want for Christmas, but try and be a bit more subtle next time Bradders. Using a stranger’s racket Anna still rose victorious winning 21-19, unlucky S*umbria, maybe wear a nappy next time.

The last singles of the day was newbie Anubhi to play Newcastle second singles vs S*umbira second singles. Anubhi started strong winning the first set 21-19, but the poly bit back taking the second set 19-21. Anubhi kept her cool and turned it around to win a fantastic 21-11 in the final end, looks like our fresher is learning the tricks to the poly-bashing trade well.

Back to some doubles with Bara playing Newcastle first doubles vs S*umbria first doubles. They took the first end nicely with a 21-15 win, but were just defeated in the second 19-21. Bara had a team talk, consisting of s*it loads of durham-scouse motivation (yes that is a thing) and a splash of Scottish fire, and came back to take the third end 21-19. GET IN THERE.

The final match of the day was Claudia and Katie to play Newcastle second doubles vs S*umbria second doubles. Another strong start as Katie dropped with more skill than a fresher in sinners, taking the first end 21-16. But the poly came back to take the second end 16-21, how annoying. Clearly one broken racket wasn’t enough for our gals, with Katie deciding she wanted a new one as well so broke hers on her equally meaty shin. We fought hard in the final few shots but were just behind the poly losing 18-21, a tough but convincing three end game for the first-time pair.

So after an intense day of badders, Newcastle were victorious with a fantastic 5-3 win!!!!! A great result for our yet-defeated Womens First Team, things are looking good for this season. We said our goodbye’s to Poly as she was wheeled away with a tear in her cloudy eyes, I’m sure it won’t be the last we see of our S*umbrian friend.