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Graduation, it happens to us all and it’s about as sure as a monkey eating a banana, and as it draws closer so does the realisation that you won’t be a student forever. But when this day comes, all it means is that you graduate from student status and Wednesday regular to NOB, Newcastle Old Boy, and a person who reminisces about their time in the Toon with badders and those epic Wednesday nights out. But this is not the end, in fact it is far from it. Along with many regional NOB pods, London and Manchester being the largest two, you get yourself invited to the two major NOB reunions. The first being the Enschede ISBT over New Year and the second being the Old Boys Weekender in May.


So what do you need to do? Firstly, join the NOBs Facebook group, this will give you an idea from the rest of the group when things are happening. Secondly, make sure people have your contact details (mobile, email, etc). Thirdly and most importantly, GET INVOLVED! Now you’re an adult we won’t hold your hand. Those who get out there and make themselves available tend to make the best NOBs. We aren’t a clique, we just respond better to those who make an effort and add value to the group. Just like the club. Everyone is welcome so get involved!


Contact: Sam Deane (Old Boys Coordinator) – s.deane.1@hotmail.co.uk

James Dunlop (Current NUBC committee Chairperson) – j.a.dunlop@newcastle.ac.uk