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ISBT Enschede 2015

NOBs and C.U.N.Ts (Newcastle Old Boys and Current University of Newcastle Team for those new to this!)

New Year is that time of year where all those willing NOBs and current students partake in the tradition that is Enschede.

For those of you new to this, ISBT Enschede is an International Student Badminton Tournament, they are held all over the place but Enschede is held over New Years in Enschede, Netherlands. It involves minimal badminton, and lots of drinking and probably one of the best New Years of your lives.

It all begins on the 28th December when we travel to Amsterdam. The easiest but priciest option is to fly, KLM are a good airline and from Manchester it’s usually around £100 return flight. Others have got the ferry from Newcastle, cheaper but takes longer and not for the faint hearted. And apparently once or twice someone got a coach…if you decide to do that, good luck, and I wouldn’t want to be you on the return journey.

People normally arrive in Amsterdam early afternoon and we get the train to Enschede.

We all sleep on the floor of the sports hall, therefore blow up beds and sleeping bags are heavily advised and from then on, enjoy! We stay until New Years Day and it’s a good idea to get an afternoon flight/ferry/bus as getting up after New Year’s Eve is a struggle!

Any questions please just ask, if you’re new to Enschede and still in the Toon, I’m sure the likes of Dunlop, Katie and Anna will be happy to tell you all about it.



Newcastle Old Boys – ISBT Enschede Champions 2002, 2008, 2011, 2013

List of Participants

The current list of participants for ISBT Enschede is as follows: Holly “PMFT” Slimming Laura “Bradders” Bradley Pete “Chinese Pete” Loftus Jason “Choccy Bear” Fernandes Steven “Balloon Man” Drennan Jordan “Elton” Levens Adam “Big Bum” Attaheri James “Gash” Ashdown Tom “Jizzhead” Huggon Lucy “Britney” Dixon Jonny “The Horse” Horsley Stephanie “Vishnu” Ferrao Steven “Bedtime” Storey …

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