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NOBs Weekend 2015

NOBSNOBs weekend is the best weekend of the year, FACT.

On may day bank holiday every year the NOBs come out in force and congregate in the Toon to meet the C.U.N.Ts (Current University of Newcastle Team)and show them what being a student and a member of NUBC is all about, and of course fight it out on court for the (insert memorial trophy name here) trophy.

On the Friday evening we have a nice meet and great in the pub where all the NOBs can catch up with each other and meet all the new members of the club/family. This is swiftly followed by a night out where the NOBs prove they can still mix it with the best of the current crop.

After a nice big kip and a quiet recovery morning, we all converge on the sports centre for the showpiece event the NOBs Vs currents students badminton match. This all ability team tournament is pinnacle of the game, the world cup of badminton, which the current students have not won in living memory (or at least since Sam can remember).

After a quick trip to the pub for some food and a quick shower back at your chosen weekend residence, it’s time for NOBs night out round two; adopt a child night. This is where the current students are adopted by a NOB for the evening and are doted on, in the form of free drinks. But currents students do not expect to be adopted; it is a privilege and must be earned!!! This is arguably the best night of the weekend, ending up in worldies (WHQ) dancing and limbo-ing away into the early hours.

Sunday marks a day of recovery possibly with a trip to the park to rest and recuperate in the sunshine. In the evening after everyone has suitably recovered its time to put on the semi glad rags as for the NOBs meal (or AU ball for the current crop of students). After that it’s night out number three!!!

On Monday morning we gather together at the Quayside for brunch and farewells as we all part company and count down the days until next year!

Full details will be uploaded nearer to the time, so please keep checking if you would like to get involved!