Oct 18 2015

Newcastle M2’s v Teeside M1’s

 7-1 Win. Man of the Match – James Dunlop.
Our men’s second team got the season off to a flier by thumping Teesside’s 1st (and presumably only) team 7-1. Teesside were involved in mind games early on, tactically rocking up 40 minutes late accompanied by a muttered apology noting the staggering distance at which they’d had to park their vehicle from the sports centre. Now, according to google, a 40 minute walk to an average person would be approximately 2 miles. If anybody can come up with a theory as to why a team would have to abandon ship (or minibus) 2 miles before their BUCS fixture’s destination then please speak out now as it is beyond me. It could perhaps be the exact same reason that they go to Teesside uni, but I won’t delve any further into that.

As for the match itself, we played the usual brand of badminton, hitting shuttlecocks here, there and absolutely everywhere. James Dunlop played his first singles matches since Gordon Brown was prime minister and pulled out two impressive wins. The first (21-9, 21-2) demonstrated the consistency of one of the club’s longest serving players, and the second (21-13, 21-23, 21-18) showed us all why he earned the moniker of ‘The Jarrow Jackhammer’ last season – pulling out an impressive three-set win in the face of adversity, a dodgy ticker and extremely lubricative perspiration.
Elsewhere, Billy Chui impressed in singles on debut with his ability to stay calm in pressure situations, picking up one of his games 21-5, 21-6 and losing a tight game against Teesside’s strongest player 22-20, 21-16. All four doubles were fairly comprehensive, with the Teesside players clearly drained from the expedition of getting from their van/bus/whatever to the sports hall. Josh and Jeremy continued to impress as a pairing, displaying techniques of communication to rival those of Alexander Graham Bell. They romped their games 21-10, 21-7 and 21-14, 24-22, whilst Lawrence did an excellent job of carrying the team’s hapless captain through their games 21-13, 21-15 and 21-15-21-12.
Overall a very good day for the 2nds, and I’m sure the 40 minute treck back to the Tee-mobile was a very miserable one indeed. Well done to everyone that played and let’s see more of the same next week. In a final note, I must say this is the first BUCS game I have ever played in where naughty and rude words were absent, so this sportsmanship should be commemorated by the exact opposite on the Sam Jacks board text board later on.