Feb 19 2015

NUBC Ladies into Cup Quarter Finals!

Manchester 1sts 4-4 NUBC Ladies

*NUBC win on points 357-263!!!

So this week was the next BUCS cup match for the NUBC ladies, tense times! After last weeks win against Lancaster the team were in high spirits for their game this week against Manchester. Captain Tash provided on-route grapes once again following their previous success, their high water content for hydration and antioxidants for eye health are obviously a winning formula! (Yes I did Google ‘why are grapes good for you’). During the journey discussion, it soon came to light that Dawn didn’t know the difference between a goat and a sheep…so Maria and Anna gave some wise words of wisdom to point our fresher in the right direction.


First up was our Mazza playing NUBC ladies 2nd singles vs Manchester 1st singles. Maria’s sister Jasmine came down to watch and show some family support, cuties. The hard-work and commitment to training this year has really paid off, some fantastic rallies coming from Maria! Unfortunately her opponent had the edge winning 21-8 and 21-6, a valiant effort though!

Next up was Cara playing NUBC ladies 1st singles vs Manchester 2nd singles. Bit of a strange one, it was as if her opponent was invisible. Cara managed a clean sweep not giving away a single point with 21-0 21-0. It may seem harsh on paper but even a poly can gain one point. Pull yourself together Manchester.

Time for some doubles with the return of Bawn to play NUBC ladies 2nd doubles vs Manchester 1st doubles. Dawn was diving all over the place sporting some lovely lunges. After a loss of 21-17 in the first set, Bawn managed an epic comeback with 21-15. Unfortunately, Beth missed her anger management class this week so her anger crept through leading to a close defeat in the 3rd set 24-22. Unlucky Bawn, it was a nail-biting match!

Next up was Tash and Anna to play NUBC ladies 1st doubles vs Manchester 2nd doubles. Tash decided to ignore the rules of badminton and hit the shuttle outside of the lines, if only we gained points for innovation. After being 21- 18 down in the first set, the girls had a sudden burst of grape-related ‘eye health’ and stormed through the next 2 sets winning 21-10 and 21-12. Great turn around gals.

Back to the singles with Mazza playing NUBC ladies 2nd singles vs Manchester 2nd singles. It was the return of the Manchester ghost. Maria played brilliantly and also managed to give away no points whatsoever winning 21-0 21-0. Wow, what an impressively bad performance from the Manchester singles player!

Cara was up next for NUBC ladies 1st singles vs Manchester 1st singles. After being officially diagnosed with golfer’s elbow (apologies for last week thinking it was actually to do with playing golf, my bad) it was time to whack on the lovely support brace, dashing. This member of the Manchester singles squad could actually play badminton, and rather well unfortunately with a defeat for Cara of 21-11 21-19. Some good rallies though!

Then Tash and Anna were back on court for NUBC ladies 1st doubles vs Manchester 2nd doubles. Barely breaking a sweat the girls sailed through winning 21-13 21-13, some top notch badders from NUBC.

The last match of the day was NUBC ladies 2nd doubles vs Manchester 2nd doubles. Bawn were still feeling down for their previous loss which affected them in the first set losing a close 23-21. They managed to pull it back in the 2nd set to win 21-18 but a few silly mistakes crept into the third set. It was a long fight but unfortunately Manchester had the edge winning 26-24, unlucky Bawn.

So to round things up we drew 4-4, but by the laws of badminton we rose victorious on points 357-263 get in there!! This means the NUBC ladies are now through to the quarter finals for the trophy competition, we can do this! Great effort from all the team, Captain Tash is très happy!

On the way home Cara decided to try and get herself in the record books for the highest number of wees on a train. Look out in the next Guinness book to see if she made the cut.