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Social Information

Social badminton is a huge part of our club! The majority of our members come from here, taking part in the social sessions on a Saturday 3-5pm and the Wednesday socials.



There’s a wide range of standards present on a Saturday, some players are complete beginners whilst others are on our university squad but at Saturday’s all we do is play play play play play! (I’m sorry) It’s a great opportunity to get to know everyone in the club and get some practice in at the same time!


On Wednesdays we have a weekly social that usual finishes in Tiger Tiger, which includes FREE ENTRY for al club members!. Every third Wednesday we’re planning a theme with the potential for fancy dress or just a change from the usual route. In the past, our fancy dress themes have ranged from ‘bananas in pyjamas’ (left) to ‘typical tourists’ (above)  – never a dull moment!





Throughout the year we’ll also have 2 till 2’s, karaoke and bowling nights so don’t be making too many plans for a Wednesday night!!! Be sure to join our mailing list to be kept in the loop about each social event.We also hold pub quizzes and many other social events throughout the year. Please check ‘annual events’ for these.11011210_10203448845611032_5947524905020221014_nFor any social related queries, please contact our social secs for the 2015/2016 season:

James Richardson     j.richardson9@newcastle.ac.uk

Jemma Castle            j.castle@newcastle.ac.uk