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Newcastle University Badminton Club is one of the University’s largest clubs, with upwards of 180 members of all abilities. With both mens’ and womens’ sides, the club plays in the BUCS League as well as in the Northumberland Local League.

NUBC is one of 61 sports available in the Newcastle Athletic Union, Team Newcastle. NUBC has also gained status as a Performance Sport at Newcastle University, headed up by our dedicated performance coaches, specialist strength and conditioning staff, physio and sports science support. We receive elevated funding and support to allow us to compete at the highest level in the BUCS and national leagues.

Team Newcastle have a proud tradition of being one of the top teams in the country:

Ranked 11th in BUCS Overall Rankings 2009/10

Ranked 15th in BUCS Overall Rankings 2010/11

Ranked 10th in BUCS Overall Rankings 2011/12

Ranked 10th in BUCS Overall Rankings 2012/13

Ranked 16th in BUCS Overall Rankings 2013/14

Ranked 11th in BUCS Overall Rankings 2014/15

Ranked 9th in BUCS Overall Rankings 2015/16

Stan Calvert Newcastle VS Northumbria Champions 6 out of 8 Years 2007/08-2014/15

You can find the Team Newcastle website here.

NUBC plays home matches and trains at the very well equipped Centre for Physical Recreation and Sport (CPRS) which has six badminton courts. You can find more information here.

The club’s social dimension is hugely valued, with regular social badminton sessions on Saturdays where anyone can come and play and nights out on the toon for club members every Wednesday. You can see more on this on the social page.

NUBC is a registered club with Badminton England

If you have any questions about the team, or would like to try out to join the squad, contact:

e.hallett@newcastle.ac.uk – Emma Hallett, President 2015/16